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At Mechi, we believe that wellness should be fun and enjoyable. That's why our mission is to create an ecosystem combines hobbies with healthy habits, allowing you to extend your well-being for life.

Join us on this journey towards a healthier and happier you!


Mechi is designed to empower you with the essential tools to track and monitor your physical health metrics, so that you can enjoy the countless benefits of a more active lifestyle. We believe that regular physical activity can dramatically reduce your health risks and give you a longer and healthier life. So let Mechi make it easier for you to stay active and make healthier choices.


At Mechi, we believe that engaging in recreational activities and or hobbies are key to promoting mental health. Our platform provides all the resources needed to stay both physically and mentally active. Whether you're looking to improve sleep quality, exercise your body, or just have some fun, Mechi can help. 


We are dedicated to helping our members build meaningful and lasting connections in the real world. Our mission is to create an engaging environment for fun, adventure and exploration, all while providing our users with the social benefits of feeling a part of a larger community. With Mechi, come together to create lasting relationships and make new memories. 


We envision a world where no matter who, or where you are, you have access to a recreational activity of your choice. It's something we call "Activities on Demand".

    Get to Know Us

    From Friends to Wellness Champions:

    Founded in 2022 by a group of like-minded friends, Mechi was born from a shared desire to stay active and build community. Inspired by CEO Marty's passion for health, our mission is to connect people through their hobbies, fostering a fun and supportive environment that fuels long-term well-being for all.

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